Choosing a realtor is a very important step in purchasing a home. There are many benefits to using the same realtor to represent you in your purchase transaction. Don't make the mistake of using several realtors at the same time. Find someone you are comfortable with and work with that agent.  Build a relationship with your realtor. A realtor that knows you and your goals can better assist you in reaching your goals. They will be working for you and protecting your best interests.

Cascade Lending, LLC would like to help you get started in your search for the best real estate agent for you.

I have several real estate agents and brokers I can recommend... Below you will find their Name and State they are licensed, next to their name information, will be a link to their website or page so you may learn more about them and contact them. 

Remember the first step to purchasing a home is getting Pre-Approved!

This is very important and will improve your chances of getting your purchase offer excepted by the seller. Your offer is stronger and because you have taken this step you can close escrow faster. Sellers and their agents like to know you are serious and by getting Pre-Approved they know you are a serious buyer. Once approved we will provide your agent with a letter of approval to accompany your purchase offer.

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List of Real Estate Agents and Brokers I can personally recommend;


Scott Langford (RA) Fahrni Realty,Inc,

Richard Sterman, Owner/Principal Broker, Sterman Realty,





Roxanne Schilling(RA) Copperopolis, CA



Terri Hays (Oregon Licensed Broker)
Cell: 503-551-5187

Claire Blosser (Oregon Licensed Broker)
Cell: 541-220-7316

Dallas Aimer (Oregon Licensed Broker)
Cell: 503-990-4841

Danial Williams (Oregon Licensed Broker)
Cell: 503-800-1482

Edna Barham (Oregon Licensed Broker)
Cell: 503-710-8003 

Frederick Walker (Oregon Licensed Broker)
Cell: 503-779-3068

Holly Eckles (Oregon Licensed Broker)
Cell: 503-580-6423

Justin Hrabik (Oregon Licensed Broker)
Cell: 503-689-3752

Ron Liedkie (Oregon Licensed Broker)
Cell: 503-507-7549


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